About Us

“I understand the ways disability can affect an entire family. Because it’s affected my family. Having been on both sides of disability care, I’m committed to providing you the very best.”
Patience Alaebo
Founder of Valuer LifeCare and Support
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Valuer LifeCare and Support is the culmination of those decades of advocacy. The team is lead by a Specialist GP, managed by a nurse, and our highly skilled team are trained to provide care to participants of all ages and abilities. We know from firsthand experience what quality care looks like, and make it our goal not just to meet it, but exceed it. 

Across early childhood education, medical services, and in-home care, we put our participants first and empower them to have a say about how our services are delivered. We’re constantly innovating our services, so make sure to ask about our latest work when you reach out.

The Valuer Way

Our Values


Through active listening and analysis, we are constantly improving our services.


Our team has an expansive range of experience spanning nursing, palliative care, disability support, education and more.


We put people at the center of everything we do, and give them ownership over their own care.


We bring our services to your doorstep, so you can feel even more at home in your home.
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